Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Preliminary Application mailed today!

Yay! We mailed off our preliminary application to our adoption agency today! Within 14 days we will know if we have been approved to move on to the next step! After the preliminary, there is the formal application followed by the homestudy. I can't believe this is really happening!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

1st fundraiser a success!

We were worried about the weather but God heard our prayers! The yardsale went great and we raised over $1500! We are so excited! We are now funded through the homestudy process (and once that is complete we can start applying for grants)! So about $2500 down, $21500 to go!

And a HUGE thank you to all of our volunteers that helped out today! We cannot express our gratitude enough!



So, I decided to finally add something to our blog page (I'm a bad)
This journey has been an interesting one. One of the ways I like to get through tough times, vent, etc... is through music. I was actually asked to write a song about "letting God be God." I thought...mhmm, this seems like a topic that's been on my mind a lot. I say this because with all of the choices Jamee and I have had to make this year, this is all we can do...let God be God, and trust Him. I have learned the meaning of Proverbs 3:5-6, when it says to not lean on our "own understanding, but to trust God with all our hearts." I have learned that I can not get very far with all we've gone through on "my own understanding." All I can do, is trust song below is exactly about this line of thinking (in addition to Isaiah 55:8...go read it!!!)


so many questions, no easy answers
the future seems so far away
so many emotions, on this rollercoaster
I can't seem to get off, no matter what i say

this burden is too great
give me your hand, i'll carry your weight

my thoughts are not your thoughts, so why keep trying?
my ways are not your ways, so try dying
to yourself and let yourself and let go
of your own understanding

i've tried to lean on, my own understanding
only to wind up on my back
i think it's time, to take hold of a new plan
to embrace these plans you have

you need something bigger than yourself
stop leaning on yourself
you need something bigger than yourself
throw your understanding to the shelf

by John Miller

Until next time...