Friday, October 31, 2008

T-Shirts are here!

We were very excited to be able to pick up our t-shirts yesterday! They turned out better than we even imagined! When we designed these, we not only wanted to bring in adoption awareness, but also how at the heart of our adoption is the knowledge that through Christ's precious gift on the cross, we are able to say that we are proudly adopted into God's family through His sacrifice. If you would like a t-shirt, we are hoping to sell them for $20 (we could also ship for an additional $5). Again, we thank you for your continued support & prayers!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tears in Walmart

We finished up our homestudy on Saturday with our home visit.  It went great and she let us know again that she felt like our placement will come alot quicker than others who have been waiting for several months.  We talked about the workshop and I mentioned how we were told to start buying the basics to keep on hand.  I asked her when we needed to start doing this such as after our homestudy has been approved or once our names have been put on the waiting list.  Her response was "If you are going shopping today, I would pick up some diapers and formula!"  We were a little shocked (and excited!) so yesterday when we were in Wal-mart we made a trip to the baby section and stood and stared at all of the choices of diapers and formula!  So we picked some out and put them in our cart and we both froze.  We were actually buying diapers and formula for OUR baby!  So we both got a little weepy eyed and we hugged and took in the moment.  It was a very special moment and probably one I will never forget. 


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Workshop #1 Complete

So this past weekend was slightly busy...I had my individual interview on Friday, then Jamee and I had an all-day workshop on Saturday from 9am-3pm. This is one of two workshops that is required for us to complete through Christian Adoption Services. So, we're making progress! It is starting to really hit me that we're moving along, and I am beginning to "daydream" a lot more about being a father...scary and exciting! I am beginning to wonder about the basic things like how patient will I be? How much sleep will we get? :D How will school impact all of this? etc... I am really wondering especially after a comment our social worker made to me during my interview. She said, "I have no doubt that it will not take long to get you guys a placement." Meaning, she doesn't think we will have to wait long for a child to come....which could be in a few months, or another year...again, it is out of our control, and is solely in the hands of God....

So we are making great progress. Again, if anyone wants to simply donate a few thousand dollars, feel free to do so:D

COMING VERY SOON...we are in the process of making T-Shirts to sell to help raise money for this process of paying for adoption. Check back soon...


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Homestudy News!

John & I had our first homestudy meeting yesterday at CAS!  By lunchtime I thought I was going to hurl from being so nervous!  We were both definitely anxious as we drove to Matthews and searched for the agency but we made it in one piece (thankfully).  Our caseworker immediately made us feel completely comfortable.  She let us know to not be nervous and that they are not on a witch hunt or asking questions merely to judge us but instead are asking questions to get to know us better in order to make the best match possible.  The meeting lasted longer than I expected (2 1/2 hours) but was very beneficial.  We went over all of our forms and answered any questions that she had about our responses as well as had casual conversation about various topics that came up throughout the interview.  She answered alot of the questions we had about open adoption and legal risk.  We also scheduled our remaining 3 visits!  I go for my individual interview this coming Friday (Oct 10) and John has his individual the following Friday (Oct 17) which is right before our parenting workshop so it works out good since we're spending the night in CLT anyways!  And then our home visit is Oct 23 and our homestudy will be over!  I had absolutely no idea it would go so fast!  I was expecting 2-3 months not 4 weeks!  She asked how quickly we would be ready to be matched and that definitely made it all sink in!  She gave the example of if our homestudy is approved by Halloween and by some remote chance we received a placement by Thanksgiving if we would be able to take it!  I think my heart stopped when she said that!  Of course, the only thing that would be stopping us would be finances (you have to send a $17k check once you except placement and we aren't quite ready for that yet!).  So we are both overwhelmed and completely excited!  We could officially be "paper pregnant" by the end of the month!  We will keep you posted (as usual)!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kleenex Please...

So I came into my office this morning and noticed a box of "Kleenex" tissues on my desk. I thought, "I don't need these on my desk," so I put them in some drawer. I'd need them sooner than I thought...

I got a call just a few hours later from a woman I've never met, encouraging me and praying for Jamee and I through the adoption process. She heard me speak this past Saturday at Upward Soccer and got my work number from someone (I spoke during halftime and shared the struggles Jamee and I have been through, and how we're trusting God through it all). I find it funny that here we are, two days away from my first home study, and I have so many thoughts running through my head about planning, finances, etc...and God gives me a simple reminder: "I've got your back."

So I got my Kleenex tissues I stashed away earlier because you know when you get emotional, our noses do lots of fun stuff (grooooooss)...:D

Thank you don't have to encourage me like you did today, but you did. I am so easily distracted and so easily run off course...yet you stay consistent and never leave my can I not love a God like that!?!?