Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kleenex Please...

So I came into my office this morning and noticed a box of "Kleenex" tissues on my desk. I thought, "I don't need these on my desk," so I put them in some drawer. I'd need them sooner than I thought...

I got a call just a few hours later from a woman I've never met, encouraging me and praying for Jamee and I through the adoption process. She heard me speak this past Saturday at Upward Soccer and got my work number from someone (I spoke during halftime and shared the struggles Jamee and I have been through, and how we're trusting God through it all). I find it funny that here we are, two days away from my first home study, and I have so many thoughts running through my head about planning, finances, etc...and God gives me a simple reminder: "I've got your back."

So I got my Kleenex tissues I stashed away earlier because you know when you get emotional, our noses do lots of fun stuff (grooooooss)...:D

Thank you don't have to encourage me like you did today, but you did. I am so easily distracted and so easily run off course...yet you stay consistent and never leave my can I not love a God like that!?!?


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