Thursday, September 4, 2008

my provider

God: my provider
Just one of the many names for God that means so much to me. I know we have a ways to go with adopting, but already I am blown away by how God is providing for us! Jamee mentioned in her message that we have our first "class" next month (on her b-day oddly enough!). Financially I'm always wondering "how are we going to do this?" Yet slowly but surely, God is giving us the means to save up in our adoption account (for instance, we're set to pay for the home study! and we're putting aside funds monthly to save up)...I know years from now, I'll be able to look back and say, "wow, look at how God did this and that." I can't see but so far down the road, but I don't have to...because my God has the plans all mapped out, and I just have to keep walking...

Ok, I'm done blabbing...I'm in class again...I need to blog more while I'm in class on Thursdays to stay sane, so stay posted:D


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Erin said...

Very Well Said! God ALWAYS Provides!