Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nursery Progress!

Here are the pictures so far:

We are still on the search for some pictures and things to go on the walls but other than we're really happy with the way it has turned out!
In other news, we have also finished up our profile and it is currently under review by our agency and it we get the ok, all systems are go towards getting our profile book into the hands of potential birthmothers!  So we are still working on filling out grant forms and selling our tshirts.  I can't believe we've come so far already!


Erica said...

I love the colors you chose! Is that like a pale lavender on the wall? It looks like a color I saw in a Serena and Lily catalog called Hydrangea. I love the color....And the green is a great compliment! How exciting!!! Crazy to think about how the room will one day hold more than furniture, huh? :)


Mrs.G said...

Your nursery looks GREAT!

Erin said...

I love your colors!!! Where did you get that bedding? I've been looking for something neutral-and I kind of wanted to stay away from the classic pooh and circus animals and all that fun stuff. I love it!!!