Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trying to stay occupied

In order to keep from going crazy (or, um, crazier) I have thrown myself into researching cloth diapers and oh my word there are such cute ones out there! They have come a long way since I was a kid! So I am really looking forward to using them! And thanks to sites like this one it makes it more affordable to start our stash! We've also shopped here and here and found great deals! We've also shopped at also has the cutest custom covers and other accessories (if you have never checked out before you are totally missing out!).

Besides researching cloth diapers, nothing major has gone on in the adoption world. We have sent in grant applications so we are waiting to hear back from those. We also got word of when our spring workshop will be. Other than that the last week or so has been really frustrating as the wait has been pretty draining but we know that it will all work out in God's time. It's just tough to not be anxious sometimes but thankfully our Sunday school class has been doing a study on choices and the last one was making a choice to trust and not be anxious which has helped. Hopefully we'll hear some good news soon!

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