Sunday, April 12, 2009

God Provides!!!

We got some great news in regards to the financial part of adoption this week! We recieved two interest-free loans totaling $10,000 this week! We will pay these back in full when we get our "tax credit" next year, but the adoption agency still needs to get paid before this helps a lot! Now we've only got under $6,000 to go!

No other news to report in addition to this really. We are still waiting. God has really helped us continue to heal and move forward since our last experience (see "tough news" blog below). Again we know things will work out in God's time...and we eagerly await that day. Until next time...



~Jess said...

How awesome! You guys are definitely deserving of some breaks throughout this process.

Erica said...

Oh that is wonderful news! I am so glad for you two! Hopefully this will be the start of things moving forward for you.


Marian said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog by way of other adoption blogs and was reading your timeline...If it is the same GWU that is in Boiling Springs then we have something in common! My husband & I both attended! He graduated in the early 90's. Anyway...thought that was neat. I look forward to reading more of your journey through adoption. We applied for the Shohannah's Hope grant among other grants! You are right...God does always Provide!!

Rebecca said...

Hi, we are adopting, and after losing money to one unethical agency, we are in need of a loan. Could you pass on who you used for the intrest free loans? Congrats on your daughter!!

isitnap time@ yahoo. com