Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Reflection

As I was driving to work today, the song "Mighty to Save" came on the radio. As most of you who know me know that I absolutely love, love, love that song! However when I listened, some of the lyrics spoke to me in a much different way. The 2nd verse goes, "Take me as you find me. All my fears and failures. Fill my life again. I give my life to follow. Everything I believe in. Now I surrender." If you take the time to truly take those words in, you will see that those are pretty powerful statements to make! And if we say them with honesty and follow through actions, we may face situations that we never invisioned and we may have our faith tested. It is not a part of my theology to think that God caused my disease or that God desired to bring me the pain of infertility, BUT I believe that as these trials began He wanted to see how I would react. In all of it, it would be very easy to blame God for all of the pain and suffering in my life and turn and run away. The world we live in today seems to promote bitterness so I think that I probably could have gotten along by joining the "Bitter Betty" group. Or I could chose to look to God for strength, security, and refuge. I could chose to stand on faith. Now of course this is never easy and there are times where my faith has wavered and I could not see past all of my questions but I think it is in moments like these where we can stand and say "Take me as You find me" and He will provide all that we need to get through any trial we may face. The bridge of the songs says, "Shine your light and let the whole world see. We're singing for the glory of a Risen King." I think that it is once we've walked through these trials we are truly able to shine our lights and share with the world how God is Lord over all and He is our Savior and Redeemer and all of His promises hold true. These words may not speak to anyone else other than me today but I am thankful the my God is mighty to save and I know that throughout our adoption journey, He has been right there and for that I am thankful to be able to shine my light and sing for the power of a Risen King!

In Christ,


~Jess said...

I agree with you: It very much is the poem Footprints...we go through those struggles and can't see God at work, it isn't until they've passed or we've moved beyond them that we're able to see God's hand on us, even during those times when we couldn't see Him.

My Endo Journey said...

Thank you for the inspiring post!

Erica said...

I know exactly what you mean! People all the time say to us, "Oh, I'm so sorry. That's so unfair." And I think to myself that we feel so lucky because we are so much stronger and closer to God because of this...and we have such a greater appreciation for the gift of life and family because of this. Yes, it's been hard, but it was a gift.