Wednesday, October 28, 2009

6 months old!

We are a day late posting but she had her check-up today so now we know her stats! Here are some pics!

Birth: 7lbs 7oz - 19.5" long
1 month: 8lbs 13oz - 21" long
2 months: 10lbs 6oz - 21" long
3 months: 12lbs 6oz - 23" long
4 months: 12lbs 15oz - 23 3/4" long
5 months: 14lbs 15oz - 24 1/2" long
6 months: 15lbs 2 oz - 25" long

Personality: Abby continues to be a happy baby! She is learning so much! She has definitely developed a temper if she doesn't have her way. She doesn't show it very often but when she does look out!

Eating/Sleeping Habits: Eats 6oz every 3 hours. She LOVES eating solids. She has tried sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, green peas, pears, and plums. Her favorite so far is green peas!
She is still a great sleep 6 nights a week. She boycotts sleep on Sundays.

Comforted By: Music, rocking, being read to, and cuddling

Developmental Milestones: Still no teeth but she can roll both directions and is now sitting up by herself!

Favorites/Likes: She loves her jumperoo and continues to be fascinated by the dogs.

Dislikes: Her carseat.


JRS said...

Oh goodness look how big she is! And so cute!

Debbie said...

What an adorable child!
Dropped by from SITS.

Dee said...

I don't know any baby who loves her carseat. she's just perfect.

Visiting from SITS.

KT said...

What a cute little peanut...a little temper already? I thought that didn't start until the terrible 2s! :) Thanks for continuing to post after placement - love the updates!

Sarah said...

I nominated you for an award: