Thursday, June 5, 2008

The joys of preparing for a yard sale!

John & I hope to have a yard sale at the beginning of July to help raise funds for the adoption so while we've got a lot of free time on our hands (ha!) we've been going through our apartment looking for things for either the yardsale or to sell directly on Ok...John is going through them and I am watching :) Who knew we accomulate so much stuff in so little time? Anyways, if anyone would like to donate items to our yardsale we would greatly appreciate it!

Other than that, it is pretty quite on the adoption front. We are trying to be sure that we've got the funds to cover short term costs (application fee, I-600 fee, and homestudy fee) before submitting our application since all of the above have expiration dates and of course none of them at the same time. So we are eagerly waiting and praying to get the party officially started! We hope to call the agency tomorrow to talk about the early stages of the process and different programs so I hope we get some good news!



Beth Anne said...

I'm praying for you, Jamee!!! God makes everything possible :)

Alethea said...

Jamee, another Nestie friend of mine who adopted (twice!) raised money by holding a garage sale, the difference being that they also asked all their family and friends to donate them heir garage sale items - they made like 500 bucks one weekend!
The also set up a name game (once they were matched w/ a child and had picked a name), the posted like 25 names & people "bought" the name they thought my friends picked for like 5 or 10 bucks per name. Whoever one, got 1/2 the money. It was a lot of fun & the person that one, of course, let them keep all the cash.
Be creative, have fun! (Sorry so long!)