Friday, August 1, 2008


I know Jamee posted something already, but just wanted to add how freaking excited I am about our news today! Our first application was approved, and we now have 30 days to complete the next one in line! This means we're basically in the "system" at Christian Adoption Services! One step closer to being a Dad...scary, humbling, but the most exciting thing I look forward to ever! I know the road is still very long, but this is one "mile marker" we can put behind us...

If you're reading this please keep us in prayer...I finish my job at my current church (Calvary) this Sunday and begin working at another church here in Shelby Aug. 10th (next Sunday). So we have a lot of changes occuring around us while at the same time, trying to stay organized and focused on adoption stuff. Pray for us...we appreciate it

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