Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 months old!

Birth: 7lbs 7oz - 19.5" long
1 month: 8lbs 13oz - 21" long
2 months: 10lbs 6oz - 21" long
3 months: 12lbs 6oz - 24" long
Personality: Abby is such a happy baby! She smiles and coos all the time! Unless she is hungry and then it is on until she gets her ba-ba!

Eating/Sleeping Habits: Eats 6oz every 3 hours and is sleeping through the night!

Comforted By: Pacifier, music, and cuddling

Developmental Milestones: Becoming very aware of her hands; Can roll from front to back when she desires

Favorites/Likes: She loves her swing and playing on her activity mat! She also loves music and being read to!

Disklikes: Having to wait for food.

To show how much she loves her activity mat, we've included this short video! Please excuse the goofy mommy voice in the background! I think she may be a soccer player!


My Endo Journey said...

She's just a bundle of love!

allisyn said...

abby is absolutely adorable :)

Janna said...

She is so precious!!!

KT said...

So happy for you! In the video...from her gaze, she definitely knows where Mom is!

Erica said...

What a sweetie! Thanks for the update.

~Jess said...

She's got some awesome soccer moves there ;-)

She's beautiful!