Tuesday, August 11, 2009

updates on abby

it's been a while since we've posted anything...jamee's at work, and abby's currently playing in her bouncy seat...so i thought i'd update you on some great stuff:

*Financial Stuff---God continues to use wonderful people to provide for us. Our church for instance gave us over $1000 from food/drinks they sold from their concession stand during softball season! We officially owe UNDER $1000 (this is HUGE given the figure STARTED at $24,000)!!!!!

*Noises/Smells/Etc---Abby's diapers are amazingly gross...enough said. She's really learning to grab a hold of things, and is discovering her hands/feet...and not to mention she makes all kinds of noises (i've not learned to translate all of them yet, but i'm getting there!)
*Love--- I'm learning a ton about God's love through Abby. For instance, we've been passing around a cold/cough at our house. I so badly didn't want Abby to get it, but she did anyways. I kept thinking to myself, "I wish I could take it from you so you wouldn't have to deal with this." (I have the cold anyways!!!) I feel like I'm tapping into how God has always felt about us...and how He proved it through Christ's sacrifice on the cross (I'll take this weight for you).
I can have the WORST day in history, but when I pick up Abby and she smiles at me, it wipes away everything bad that happened that day...I know it sounds cheesy...but it's true.
There's so much more...but this is just a brief updateon how things are going.


~Jess said...

Glad things are going well!

You all look so happy in the pictures :-)

Erica said...

I hear those dipers can be interesting! LOL Thanks so much for the update!! God is good. :)


Janna said...

I totally get the correlation between the love a parent has for a child and God's love for us. I think that's exactly how God intended it to be. Though we can never fully understand how deep His love flows, it's just a glimpse, and oh what a beautiful glimps it it!!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!