Friday, March 5, 2010

A funny new parent freak-out

I guess freak outs are a part of every new parent's life for the first year (or two or eighteen).  But this was too funny not to share. 

Last night, Abby was in a fantastic mood. She was gabbing and playing with her new walking toy.  She was chasing the dogs and being her usual adorable self.  As the time grew closer to 8, we knew it was coming close to bath time.  She dropped a bomb (seriously this chick can clear a room) so we moved bath time up a bit.

As I was undressing her to get her ready for her bath, I see this bright pinkish-purple "rash" under her chin to her neck.  I freaked.  Holy cow, my daughter was pink!  I started screaming (yes screaming) for John to come upstairs.  So he comes running and I quickly show him her "rash."  His immediate response was to take her to the ER.  I think we need to call the doctor first.  So we talk back and forth meanwhile Abby is happily playing with her toes and enjoying her naked time.  We just didn't understand.  She was in such a great mood, what could be wrong? 

So we make the decision to at least start by getting her in the bath.  John could bath her and I would call the pedi's after-hours line.  As John starts the bath water, I take a wipe and start wiping underneath Abby's chin just to see how she responses.  She was still happy as a lark.  But I look at the wipe.  It is pink.  The more I wipe the pinker the wipe gets and then I notice the mystery "rash" is disappearing. 

I started to laugh.  I called John in to show him.  Abby had been wearing a hot pink shirt.  Where she was teething and drooling like a mad lady, her shirt had gotten wet which caused her chin area to turn pink.  I felt so stupid.  We had a good laugh about it and were thankfully that we were able to save our pride instead of showing up at the ER or calling the doctor raving like idiots.

Just think of the fun the ER nurses would have had with us had we taken her in!  Oh the joys of new parenthood!


AmericanTribal said...

Oh my... I am giggling hysterically over here. I'm really glad it was her shirt and not anything more serious... I would have freaked out too!

Joanna said...


When my brother's oldest son was a baby & I was still living with my parents we got to keep him sometimes. One day he needed a diaper change & when I unbuttoned his pants his legs were blue. I freaked out and yelled for my mom. We thought he had gotten really cold or something. Then we realized he was wearing a new pair of dark denim overalls. So you aren't alone.

Joy for the Seasons said...

Hi! I found you on the CAS blog site. I love this story! Our freak-out moment with our firstborn was a prickly rash on one of her cheeks. It puzzled me for a few days before I realized it was my husband's facial hair, when he kissed all over her sweet cheeks, that left the prickly rash! We now affectionately call it "the Daddy rash". :)