Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Abby!

Today is our little girl's first birthday! It just does not seem right saying, "I have a one year old." From now on, I won't be able to say, "she's about to turn one...or she's almost one..." She is officially one...woh!

I am so grateful for God blessing our lives with Abby...I can not describe in words how much she has my heart and how much I truly love her. Today however, my mind is on another person...Abby's birth mom.

Abby's birth-mother made one of the most difficult decisions (if not the most difficult) that a woman could ever make...she for various reasons wanted to place Abby for adoption so that she could have some great opportunities in this life...I have to admit, I can think of no greater sacrifice a person can make!

When we entered the adoption process, we knew someone would have to face loss/grief from the get-go in order for us to be parents. This is humbling...on one side, Jamee and I will always have this "loss" to deal with in that we are unable to have children, and we knew whoever placed their child for adoption one day, would face "loss" for the rest of their days. Yet amidst all of the grief/loss involved in this process, we are over and abundantly blessed!!! We are blessed because of one woman's decision to place her child for adoption, instead of having an abortion, or instead of trying to take care of her and being unable to do so...

I know I may ruffle some feathers by bringing up "abortion," but I am beyond thankful that this woman made this decision...had she not, we would not be as blessed as we are...without someone making this gut-wrenching decision, we would NEVER be parents.

So to Abby's birth-mother...thank you for the ultimate sacrifice and sign of love. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today, and we pray that God will bless you and remind you He truly loves you and is with you...

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